University of Kentucky – College of Medicine

The University of Kentucky approved the construction of Kentucky medical center all together with the medical school. This is an academic medical institution dedicated to provide and create world class physicians which will care and serve the people of Kentucky and worldwide nations.The entire college involves medical centers or departments, dentistry, health science, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health.The academic mission of medical school of Kentucky is to create principles and concepts in order to prevent the spread of diseases and develop new techniques which will improve the health care system. The entire program is based on clinical research, teaching in different settings and providing the primary care. The University of Kentucky uses many different teaching methods, such as standard procedures, clinical training, computing instructions, and human – patient simulations.Based on the diverse program, alumni who attend the Medical school of Kentucky will have a precious knowledge in treating the patients.



The University of Kentucky involves several academic programs, such as:

 College of Communication and Information, College of Engineering, College of Medicine, College of Social Work, Libraries, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, College of Dentistry, College of Fine Arts, College of Nursing, The Graduate School, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Design, College of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Lewis Honors College, Office of the Provost, Gatton College of Business and Economics, College of Education, College of Law, College of Public Health, International Center and Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce. 

From the stated above; the students have diverse opportunities while choosing their future career and vocation. All the departments that are part of the University of Kentucky will provide you an exceptional knowledge and create academic conditions for you to become a successful expert one day.